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Looking to build a strong online presence for your small business without the headache? Welcome to Knowd. We're here to simplify your digital success and help your brand thrive. Let's explore how Knowd. addresses the everyday challenges small businesses face.

The conventional way

Do it yourself
DIY website builders may seem cost-effective but often lead to frustration and subpar results. With Knowd., our team of experts crafts a custom website for you quickly, starting at just $29/month.
Ask a cousin
Relying on a family member or friend for web design can be risky. Don't gamble with your brand's future. Knowd. delivers a professional, tailored website and digital services that evolve with your business.
Pay an Agency
Traditional agencies often come with hefty price tags and slow delivery times. Knowd. changes the game with rapid turnaround times and budget-friendly monthly subscription plans.

Our way

Comprehensive Subscription
Have your website built in days at no risk. Enjoy web hosting, development, support, and updates from $29/month. Rest assured your website stays current and functional as your business grows.
Digital Microservices
Get the services you need, when you need them. From social media optimisation to lead funnel engineering. As a Knowd. member you will have exclusive access to powerful services at a transparent pricing.
Goal-Driven Approach
Building your website is just the start. We care about your short-term and long-term goals and everything we do is to meet those needs. Knowd. helps you bridge the gap between your business goals and digital opportunities.
Knowd. Lab
We're always researching new tech and consumer trends, essential for keeping your digital presence relevant in our fast-changing digital world. Knowd. Lab validates innovations, and your business benefits from seamless delivery.

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